Investing in the future

There has never been a greater need for advanced organ preservation solutions, and the need is growing. More than 200,000 patients in Europe and the US await lifesaving organ transplants. Although there has been a general increase in the availability of donor organs due to extensive educational programmes, UK transplant statistics show a slight decline in the number of donor organs, and transplants have fallen for the first time in many years. The requirement for organ transplantation will continue to rise based on an aging global society, and an increase in the number of chronic diseases and organ failure worldwide. It is more important than ever to ensure that each organ is afforded the best preservation solution possible. 

OPSL are well placed to make a dramatic impact in the organ preservation field with two advanced cold static organ preservation solutions (LS-A™ and LS-T™), which have outperformed current ‘Gold Standard’ solutions in all pre-clinical trials. We are working closely with the NHS as a platform for a worldwide launch. Our solutions’ improved handling due to lower viscosity is seen as an important lever in the rapid uptake by surgeons and healthcare providers. Further to this, we have a strong IP position with a newly filed patent providing the potential of a further 20 years of patent life and further IP to support product expansion across the transplant area. We have advanced strategic partnership discussions with key players in multiple markets, suggesting diverse options for OPSL’s future.

Current Investors


Medipex is a healthcare innovation hub connecting the NHS with industry and academia, sharing knowledge of the NHS and commercialisation processes to facilitate the innovation cycle. Medipex has extensive knowledge of the changing NHS landscape and is skilled at discovering and evaluating ideas for the benefit of patients, clinicians and NHS Trusts. Medipex has incubated OPSL’s technology over several years, secured the Intellectual Property and, together with Brightstar Partners, raised investment to complete the development programme and ultimately commercialise the lead products.

DC Medical

DC Medical is a technology commercialisation company, based in South Korea. It was founded in 2018 and introduced a unique business model known as NRDO (non-research, development only). This model involves commercialising intellectual property and working with manufacturing partners to transform existing research and technology into market-ready medical devices. DC Medical finds and selects innovative patented technologies from across the world that have global applications in the medical device market.They have a successful track record and has already secured the commercial rights to technologies developed in the UK with the National Health Service (NHS) and has set up a global clinical advisory committee composed of professors and researchers in a range of medical fields. As part of their global licensing activity, DC Medical work with selected partners and invest in manufacturing facilities to realise the potential of products in their portfolio. DC Medical’s Technology Commercialisation Platform is a core element of their value proposition.

Future Company Development

As OPSL progresses strongly with its initial products, the management and board see enormous potential for growth and diversification across the wider organ transplant field. We are building on extensive (20+ years) R+D within the NHS and intend to maximise our return on the extensive IP being produced.



The core technology is extensively protected. A full freedom-to-operate search has been conducted. 

Patent numbers EP/1339280; WO/0241696; CA/2427325; US/2004053205. 

New improvement patents have been filed in 2017 extending the patent life of LS-A™ by a further 20 years (GB2571803B).

UK grant confirmed in 2020.

Preparing for an ageing population is integral to the achievement of many of the sustainable development goals

United Nations: World Population Ageing Report 2015, P100

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The shifting demographic toward an older population creates increased pressure on healthcare systems, as well as several medical product opportunities; "Preparing for an aging population is integral to the achievement of many of the sustainable development goals” United Nations: World Population Ageing Report 2015, P100 - World Health Organisation 2015